World Lion Day is an international celebration of a truly global symbol. We implore you to take a moment to look around as you go about your day. How many lions do you see?  The probability is you will find at least one lion; on a car, a t-shirt, on TV, in a song, outside a building, anywhere! Admire its beauty and ask yourself, what if these were the only lions left in our world?

What if the lion vanished from the wilds of Africa and India leaving just those of marble, bronze and limestone?  Our world would be a very lonely place without the animal we have lived alongside for thousands of years. We therefore ask you to embrace your shared heritage of the lion with the rest of the world and celebrate its importance.

We need you to create lion conservation awareness in your home town and support those organisations working to save the species. Visit your local zoo, school, town hall, everyone! And encourage them to take part in the celebrations.

Visit our ‘Who to Support’ page for more information about those organisations and individuals that need your help and to make donations directly to them.

If you are attending or holding an event why not fundraise for an organisation of your choice. Hold a party, run a marathon, dare to do a skydive and help raise funds to support those working to save the King of Beasts.

Any event you are a part of we want to hear about it! Email and help us share the message and show your support. Our aim is to have a celebration on every continent and in every country to represent the lion’s enduring presence across the globe.

For fundraising ideas download our ‘How To Fundraise’ PDF. 

Also download our stunning awareness posters provided by our supporters to help you promote the campaign wherever you may be:

CR lion poster copy WLD CD POSTER Picture 019