22nd April 2014 –  In the lead up to this years big day, wildlife photographer Carole Deschuymere has yet again donated a series of stunning images. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for these images and please share to spread awareness for World Lion Day, 10th August.

18th April 2014 – Our attention has been drawn to recent social media posts by the ‘Campaign Against Canned Hunting’ group regarding World Lion Day and requesting the campaign no longer be supported. The following email has been sent regarding:

“Dear Global March for Lions/Campaign Against Canned Hunting,

 We are writing in regard to recent posts on social media encouraging people not to support World Lion Day (WLD) and by extension, the many conservation organizations that this event seeks to support.

 WLD is an independent campaign aimed solely at drawing attention, and hopefully support for, the many organizations who voluntarily signed up to be listed as potential beneficiaries of WLD activities.  A list of those organizations can be found at:   WLD itself:

·        does not hold, promote or discourage any position on any issue related to lion conservation, lion welfare or other discussions related to lions.  WLD seeks only to provide a platform for organizations involved in lion conservation to raise awareness of their activities and to generate funding for their organization as a result.  Participants in WLD are free to make up their own minds as to the merits of any one organizations’ approach to lion conservation, and to make choices on who to support based on that.

·        is not a charity and does not collect any funds on behalf of any organization.

·        does not hold events (whether in support of particular organizations or not) but rather encourages the global community to hold events in support of which ever organizations they choose.

 WLD is supported by organizations such as the Wildlife Conservation Society – Tanzania, Humane Society International, Animal Defenders International, TOSCO – Tourism Supporting Conservation, and the Namibian Environment & Wildlife Society, amongst others.  A full list can be found at:

The first ever WLD in 2013 prompted conservation awareness and fundraising events to be held worldwide, from Kenya and Mozambique, to Holland, France, Zambia, UK, Uganda, Malawi, Czech Republic, Slovakia, South Africa and the USA.  These events supported a range of different conservation organizations.  Over 1 million people were reached on the day via Facebook, WLD was the subject of a worldwide live interview on Forbes, was one of the most tweeted hash-tags on Twitter on the day, and attracted a number of high profile celebrities and politicians to encourage support of lion conservation.  This was achieved in just a few months prior to the first event.  With a longer lead time going into the second annual event we are hoping for even greater success.

 Publicly suggesting that people do not support WLD is working against all the organizations signed up to the event, not just any you may have specific issue with, and is harmful to the long term conservation of the species.  We humbly request you desist from defaming WLD as a campaign as your published reasoning for doing so is not valid, and in fact negatively impacts efforts to conserve lions.  CACH/Global March for Lions, and any associated organizations / campaigns you support, are more than welcome to sign up as a beneficiary organization of this event as previously discussed, and, as a result of the awareness brought about by the campaign may well be able to attract awareness and funding for your efforts if people to choose to support them.

 With kind regards,

WLD Team”

18th October 2013 – A very inspiring video of Dr Colleen Begg of the Niassa Lion Project  presenting to the Wildlife Conservation Network during this year’s Wildlife Conservation Expo.

27th August 2013 – Download our World Lion Day 2013 newsletter to read more about what took place during the first year across the world! WLD 13 Newsletter

23rd August 2013 – Following the success of the World Lion Day parade in Livingstone, Zambia, the Minister of Arts & Tourism, Ms Sylvia Masebo asked the parade to return to the streets for the UNWTO welcoming! With over 300 local children the day was a fantastic celebration of not only lions but Zambian wildlife.

10th August 2013 – The first World Lion Day sweeps the globe with events worldwide! With +1 million reach on Facebook, one of the days most tweeted about hash-tags on Twitter and +27,000 website visits the day has been a roaring success!

10th July 2013 – With one month to go more events are being planned and here’s the latest with whats happening in Malawi here

2nd June 2013 – Stephen Fry has shown his support to his 5.8 million Twitter followers by tweeting about the World Lion Day campaign and dire need to conserve lions now. We are truly grateful for his conservation awareness and support. Follow Stephen @stephenfry and the WLD campaign @worldlionday

28th May 2013 – Read our press release via African Conservation Foundation and keep up to date with the campaign’s progress through this online forum

23rd May 2013  – Listen in to “Voice Of America” radio today, broadcasted across America, Africa, Asia and Middle East to hear why now is the time to recognise the lion’s importance and the dire need to conserve them before its too late. You can listen online here