The following organizations and individuals have expressed their support of World Lion Day. We offer them our heartfelt gratitude.


Dereck & Beverly Joubert 

Acclaimed wildlife documentary producers, National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence and renowned wildlife conservationists; the Joubert’s are at the forefront of African wildlife conservation and preservation. They have produced 25 films for National Geographic, published 11 books, written numerous articles and given endless talks worldwide. They are the founders of the National Geographic ‘Big Cats Initiative’, a funding body supporting felid conservation projects around the world. Having spent endless hours, days, years and decades in close proximity with the world’s most iconic big cat, the Joubert’s understand the magnitude of lion conservation awareness. The World Lion Day campaign is very grateful for their support and all that they do to help conserve the King of Beasts. For more information about their work please visit here:


Big Cats Initiative – National Geographic

Big cats are in trouble, from lions in Kenya to snow leopards in the Himalaya.  The icons of the natural world – lions, tigers, cheetahs, leopards, jaguars and other top felines – are quickly disappearing, victims of habitat loss and degradation as well as conflicts with humans. The loss of these majestic predators could create a devastating impact on our ecosystem; losing them means not only loss of keystone species but destruction of the natural balance affecting  entire environmental systems, including people.

To address this critical situation, the National Geographic Society launched the Big Cats Initiative (BCI) in 2009 with Explorers-in-Residence, filmmakers and conservationists Dereck and Beverly Joubert.  BCI is a comprehensive program supporting on-the-ground conservation projects, education and a global public awareness campaign.  To find out more and learn how to take action visit

Lionesses & Cubs by Greg du Toit Greg Du Toit

Greg Du Toit is a world renowned African wildlife photographer and passionate conservationist. Having held acclaimed exhibitions in London, New York, Sydney and Singapore Greg has also been awarded the Gerald Durrell Endangered Wildlife Award, Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013 and is a frequent contributor to Africa Geographic.  Greg’s stunning image of the ‘lioness and cubs drinking’ was taken in Kenya during an intense photo shoot seeing Greg submerged within a waterhole at drinking level for 3 months! The result was a series of stunning images encapsulating the beauty of the wild lion in its natural habitat.  Admirers and followers of Greg’s work will be pleased to know he will be releasing his second book ‘Awe – African Wildlife Exposed’ this coming August. Awe is Greg’s pursuit of “Livingstone’s Africa” and will be the first insight into the photographer’s personal portfolio. A collection of stunning wildlife images resonating the ‘lost Africa’. For more information about Greg and his work please visit here:

SC 13-03-2012-793674Steve Mandel

Founder and creator of Mandel Communications, Steve Mandel is a successful business man turned avid conservationist. During a business trip in 2008 to India, Steve met and fell in love with the Asiatic lion. Touched by their story and sickened by their plight Steve formed the Lions of Gir Foundation. Steve is also famed for his award winning wildlife photography which includes breath-taking images of the endangered cats of the Gir Forest and has helped to draw much needed conservation awareness to them. For more information about Steve and his work please visit here: &

WCS_New_colWildlife Conservation Society – Tanzania

WCS has been working in Tanzania for 50 years to help safeguard this unique global heritage.More than 140 projects have been supported, encompassing training, research, monitoring, institutional support, education, and the gazettement and extension of National Parks and Nature Reserves. WCS still employs its traditional strengths such as a focus on fieldwork, science, and solid community and government partnerships. But at the same time, there are always new challenges to be met, such as those associated with climate change and the protection of ecosystem services. For more information about WCS Tanzania and their work please visit here:

panthera_logo-2Panthera – Project Leonardo

Panthera has brought together the world’s leading wild cat experts to direct and implement effective conservation strategies for the world’s largest and most endangered cats: lions, cheetahs, leopards, tigers, jaguars and snow leopards. Their approach to wild cat conservation is rooted in science and based upon decades of first hand field experience. For African lions Panthera envisions populations recovering to more than 30,000 individuals across at least 20 key lion conservation landscapes. Panthera are leaders in range-wide program to protect critical habitats and core populations connected by genetic and biological corridors, mitigating the threats of habitat loss and conversion, human-lion conflict, bushmeat poaching and excessive trophy hunting. For more information and how to support Panthera visit


Carole Deschuymere

Carole is a successful business woman turned fantastic wildlife photographer. After returning from a photographic safari in Botswana she decided to take some photography classes and workshops back home in Belgium in hopes of improving her shots. Since improving her natural talents Carole equipped herself with some new gear and headed back to Africa. Her trips to Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Kenya have resulted in a stunning wildlife portfolio. For more information about Carole and her work please visit here:


Zambia Wildlife Authority

Zambia is home to 20 National Parks and 35 Game Management Areas boasting +75,000 square kms for wildlife, protected and conserved by the Zambia Wildlife Authority. Zambia has an estimated  lions 700-1000 lions within 6 populations. National wide research is currently being undertaken on Zambia’s lions to provide better management plans for the iconic species. ZAWA are supporting the World Lion Day campaign to highlight the importance of the species in Zambia and across Africa. For more information about ZAWA please visit here:

image001Humane Society International

The Humane Society International is a major leading international organisation dedicated to the protection of animals worldwide within all walks of life; laboratories, farms, as companions and as wildlife. For more information about Humane Society International and their work please visit here:

PrintEncounter Mara

Situated in the Mara Naboshio Conservancy bordering the Maasia Mara National Reserve, Encounter Mara is a recently established eco tourist camp offering its guests some of Africa’s best wildlife viewing with one of the continents highest concentrations of lions. Encounter Mara are dedicated to the conservation and preservation of the Mara Naboshio Conservancy. Experienced guides are all locally employed Maasai with an endless knowledge of the surrounding bush and for every night spent the camp will plant one indigenous tree as a part of their ‘One Stay for One Tree’ pledge. For more information about Encounter Mara please visit here:

marasa logo 4 copyMarasa Africa

Marasa Africa are a leading East African tourist operator. Having worked in Uganda for over 100 years they provide some of Uganda’s most impressive safari lodges and are showing their support this World Lion Day by donating $1 of every room occupied in 3 of their largest lodges on World Lion Day (10th August) to the Ugandan Conservation Foundation. For more information about Marasa Africa please visit here:

acf-logoAfrican Conservation Foundation

Founded in 1999, ACF fills a unique niche by creating an Africa-wide network for information exchange and capacity building of conservation efforts in the region. Their goal is to support and link African conservation initiatives, groups and NGOs, with the aim of strengthening their capacity, building partnerships and promoting effective communication and co-ordination of conservation efforts. For more information about ACF please visit here:

adi-logo_2Animal Defenders International

Founded in 1990, ADI campaigns across the globe on animal entertainment and are battling to save animals from lifetimes of cruelty and inhumane conditions. They have rescued thousands of animals worldwide and work to educate the public on animals and environmental issues. They recently finished filming the documentary film ‘Lion Ark’ following the undercover operations in Bolivia that saw 29 lions rescued from circuses alongside many other animals following a ban on the use of wild animals in circuses. For more information about ADI  and Lion Ark the movie please visit here: &

image001TOSCO – Tourism Supporting Conservation

TOSCO Trust is a non-profit organization linking local people, conservation organizations, scientists and the tourism industry. By supporting conservation projects and local people who share their land with wildlife, TOSCO Trust contributes to safeguarding Namibia’s natural assets. For more information about TOSCO please visit here:

LogoNamibian Environment & Wildlife Society

The Namibian Environment & Wildlife Society, NEWS, creates awareness of environmental issues, facilitates, motivates and informs on environmental and wildlife issues in Namibia. For more information about NEWS please visit here:

logoRobin Pope Safaris

Robin Pope Safaris offers its guests exceptional safari destinations and experiences at their stunning lodges in Zambia and Malawi and unique tours through these wild landscapes amongst Africa’s ‘Big 5’. For more information about Robin Pope Safaris please visit here:

Lower Zambezi male lionMatthew Hood

Matthew is an avid wildlife and landscape photographer and cinematographer. Creator of Hoodvisuals, Matthew has visited Uganda, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Zambia on independent excursions and whilst also filming two series for Animal Planet. For more information about Matthew and his work please visit here:

640952Spots & Stripes Conservation

Spots & Stripes Conservation is an organisation dedicated to supporting those smaller conservation organisations that are working on the ground and in the field contributing directly to the preservation of species such as the lion. For more information about Spots & Stripes Conservation and their work please visit here:

Image13Christopher Rimmer

Born in the UK, Christopher emigrated to South Africa as child and fell in love with the landscapes and wildlife that surrounded him. Christopher has exhibited his wildlife and portrait works in the UK, Australia and France receiving international admiration and recognition alongside numerous prestigious awards. For more information about Christopher and his work please visit here:


Bumi Hills Safari Lodge & Spa

Situated against the breath-taking Zambezi escarpment and overlooking the stunning Kariba Dam, Bumi Hills Safari Lodge is one of Zimbabwe’s top tourist destinations. With its luxury accommodation, outstanding wildlife sightings and passionate management and guiding team, guests are guaranteed a once in a life time safari experience. For more information about Bumi Hills Safari Lodge please visit here:

image001African Impact

The largest operator of responsible African volunteer projects. Award winning African Impact offers people from all backgrounds opportunities to become thoroughly involved and hands on with wildlife conservation across Africa. For more information about African Impact please visit here:


Yorkshire Wildlife Park

A wildlife haven in the UK’s beautiful county of Yorkshire, Yorkshire Wildlife Park is a must visit family attraction. This multi-award winning park offers visitors the chance to encounter Amur tigers, African wild dogs, African plains game, and much more. This wildlife park is famed for its ‘Lion Country’ exhibit which is the home and refuge for a group of captive African lions rescued from squalor conditions in a Romanian zoo. For more information about Yorkshire Wildlife Park please visit here:

logoDavid Livingstone Safari Lodge & Spa

The award winning David Livingstone Safari Lodge is situated upon the banks of the mighty Zambezi river and offers its guests the height of luxury during their stay in Livingstone, Zambia. For more information about the David Livingstone Safar Lodge please visit here:

PrintHarnas Wildlife Foundation

Harnas Wildlife Foundation is an Nambian project whose main focus lies on the creation and upkeep of safe zones for animals captured or expelled from encroached environments and the rehabilitation and care of injured animals. For more information about the Harnas Wildlife Foundation please visit here:

SPOTS_FC_urlSPOTS Save & Protect Our Treasures

The SPOTS foundation was founded in 2004 to raise conservation awareness for those big cat species in jeopardy and raise funds for those in situ conservation projects working to save them. For more information about SPOTS please visit here:


Rubenstein Public Relations

A leading PR company in New York, Rubenstein PR are working pro bono for the World Lion Day campaign spreading and raising awareness in the USA through media, communications and clientele. For more information about Rubenstein PR please visit here:


Royal Zambezi Lodge

Situated on the banks of the Zambezi river, on the edge of the stunning Lower Zambezi National Park, the Royal Zambezi Lodge is one of Zambia’s top safari destinations. Its experienced, professional guides and beautifully designed lodge ensure guests will have a magical experience inspired by the surrounding wilderness. For more information about the Royal Zambezi Lodge please visit here:

mq1Olga’s, The Italian Corner & Youth Community Training Centre

The YCTC (Youth Community Training Center) is a professional training school for teenagers in difficult situations and AIDS orphans. The YCTC is an independent training school under the Livingstone Diocese offering vocational training in carpentry, tailoring, plumbing, catering, bricklaying, knitting etc. Olga’s guesthouse and restaurant is a fabulous and delicious stay in Livingstone where YCTC students put their catering skills to practice. For more information about Olga’s and YCTC please visit here:

logoTake Note 

Take Note are a leading reputation management company in South Africa working pro bono for the World Lion Day campaign spreading and raising awareness in Southern Africa through media, communications and clientele. For more information about Take Note please visit here:

logo1Montgomery Communications

Montgomery Communications are a public relations company based in New York with an impressive list of clientele across Africa. They are working pro bono for the World Lion Day campaign spreading and raising awareness in Africa by encouraging those lodges to fundraise for their chosen organisation from our ‘who to support’ page. For more information about Montgomery Communications please visit here:

saaWILDAFRICA Save African Animals

WILDAFRICA Save African Animals is a non profitable organisation run from the Czech Republic aimed at promoting and supporting wildlife conservation efforts across Africa. For more information about WILDAFRICA please visit here:


Verogaral is a designer based in Leeds, in the north of England. Vero was responisible for the graphic design of the website. This campaign is her first NGO project and she has loved being part of World Lion Day. For more information about Verogaral please visit her website: or follow her @verogaral